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desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI Class Reference

#include <desiteCore/NavigatorProjectAPI.h>

Inheritance diagram for desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI:
desiteCore::ProjectAPI domainBim::AutomationAPI domainBim::CoreAPI

Public Slots

QVariant callScriptByName (QString scriptName)
- Public Slots inherited from desiteCore::ProjectAPI
void message (QString)
void startEXE (QString prg, QString args)
void openLink (QString url, bool useDesktopService)
void openProject (QString url, bool useSessionData)
void showOnScreenKeyboard ()
int saveDomain (QString domainname)
void filterElements (QString pName, QString pType, QString pattern, bool checkInh=true, QString domainCombination="geometry")
int showColorSchema (QString name)
void showAll (bool repaint, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void hideAll (bool repaint, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void showElements (QString idList, bool includeBlocked=false, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void showElementsOnly (QString IDList, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void hideElements (QString idList, bool ignoreObjectLocking=false, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void clearSelection (bool repaint, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void selectVisible ()
void selectVisibleGeometric ()
void selectElements (QString idList, bool flag, QString domainCombination="geometry")
void zoomToSelected ()
void zoomToVisible ()
void zoomToObjects (QString objIDList)
void zoomToAllDocuments ()
void zoomToSelectedDocuments ()
void zoomToVisibleDocuments ()
void zoomToDocuments (QStringList idList)
void zoomToAllResources ()
void zoomToSelectedResources ()
void zoomToVisibleResources ()
void zoomToResources (QStringList idList)
void zoomToLocationGK (double rw, double hw, double h)
void zoomToLocationGps (double lat, double lon)
void moveToLocationGps (double lat, double lon)
void zoomTopView ()
QString getVisible (QString domainFilter="geometry")
bool hasVisible (QString domainFilter="all")
int countVisible (QString domainFilter="geometry")
QString getSelected (QString domainFilter="geometry")
bool hasSelected (QString domainFilter="all")
int countSelected (QString domainFilter="geometry")
void setVisualisationMode (int mode, bool repaint=true)
int getVisualisationMode ()
QVariantMap showElementsOOBBSide (QString IDList, double prec)
QVariantMap showElementsOOBBTop (QString idList, double prec)
QVariantMap showElementsOOBBFront (QString idList, double prec)
void showDimensionsPainter (bool showAABB, bool showOOBB)
void hideDimensionsPainter ()
void repaint3DView ()
int showViewpoint (QString name)
int showViewpointByID (QString id)
QVariantMap getViewpointList ()
QVariantMap getViewpointMetadata (QString id)
void addToViewPoint (QString vpID, QString objIdList)
void removeFromViewPoint (QString vpID, QString objIdList)
QString saveViewpoint (QString name, bool saveVisible=true, bool saveSelected=false)
QString getCurrentViewAsImage ()
bool saveCurrentViewToFile (QString filename)
QVariantMap getClipping (int i)
void setClipping (int i, QVariantMap clp)
QVariantMap getCamera ()
void setCamera (QVariantMap cam)
QVariantMap getVisualizationOptions ()
void setVisualizationOptions (QVariantMap opt)
QVariantMap getPainterOptions ()
void setPainterOptions (QVariantMap opt)
int activateObjTooltip (QString name)
void deactivateObjTooltip ()
QString getActiveTooltipName () const
void setDocumentsTooltipsVisible (bool v)
bool getDocumentsTooltipsVisible ()
void set4dIsActive (bool active)
bool get4dIsActive ()
bool set4dDateTime (QDateTime dt)
QDateTime get4dDateTime ()
QVariantMap get4dOptions ()
void set4dOptions (QVariantMap opt)
QDateTime get4dProjectStart ()
QDateTime get4dProjectFinish ()
QStringList get4dActiveTaskList (QDateTime dt, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
QStringList get4dActiveTaskListByInterval (QDateTime dtStart, QDateTime dtEnd, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
QStringList get4dFinishedTaskList (QDateTime, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
QStringList get4dProspectiveTaskList (QDateTime, bool linkedToObjectsOnly=false)
QString get4dTaskColor (QString taskID, QDateTime dt, QString defaultColorName="#000")
void setBsPlanUnderlayActive (bool)
bool getBsPlanUnderlayActive ()
QString getNavigationMode ()
void setNavigationMode (QString mode, QString pinModeContainerID=QString())
QVariantMap getHandlerMode ()
bool setHandlerMode (QVariantMap handlerInfo)
QStringList getCreatedPins ()
QVariantMap getPickedPoint ()
QVariantMap getAllPickedPoints ()
QVariantMap getPickedPointGPS ()
QVariantMap getPickedPointGK ()
void clearMeasureItems ()
void showClashList (QString clashIdList)
- Public Slots inherited from domainBim::AutomationAPI
bool hasElement (QString ID)
QStringList getRootContainerList (QString modelName)
QString findContainerByName (QString parentID, QString name, QString lookupDomain="all")
QString getContainerByName (QString parentID, QString name)
bool isContainer (QString ID)
QVariantList findDocumentsByLocationGps (double lat, double lon, double distance, QStringList idList=QStringList())
QVariantList findDocumentsByLocationRangeGps (QStringList gpsCoordinates, double distance, QStringList idList=QStringList())
QVariantList findDocumentsByLocationGk (double rw, double hw, double distance, QStringList idList=QStringList())
QStringList findDocumentsByDate (QDateTime start, QDateTime end, QStringList idList=QStringList(), bool useRef=false)
int synchronizeDocumentContainer (QString containerID)
void resetDocumentMetaData (QString objID)
QVariantMap getVisualisationList ()
int setVisualisationByID (QString taskIDList, QString visID)
int removeVisualisation (QString taskIDList)
int hasContact (QString objID1, QString objID2, QVariantMap options=QVariantMap())
QString createContactObject (QString parentID, QString objID1, QString objID2, QString matID, QVariantMap options=QVariantMap())
QStringList cutObject (QString parentID, QString objID, QVariantMap plane=QVariantMap())
QString mergeObjects (QString parentContainerID, QString IDs, bool skipClosed=false, bool keepTransparency=false)
bool isIncludedIn (QString objID1, QString objID2)
int isPointIncludedIn (double x, double y, double z, QString objID, double tol=1.e-5)
int checkIntersection (QString objID1, QString objID2, double tolerance=-0.00001)
int transformObject (QString objID, QString transformation)
int setAsOpening (QString objID, QString openingIDList)
QString getProjectionAsSvg (QString idList, QVariantMap options=QVariantMap())
QString getDomainByElement (QString id)
QString getModelByName (QString name, QString domainFilter="geometry")
QString getModelByElement (QString eleID, QString domainFilter="all")
QString getRootContainerByName (QString modelName, QString rootContainerName)
QStringList getModelListByName (QString name, QString domain="geometry")
QStringList getModelListByDomain (QString domainFilter="all")
QString getRootNodeByModel (QString modelID)
QStringList getRootNodeListByDomain (QString domainFilter="all")
QString createModel (QString name, bool createRootC=true, QString domain="geometry")
QVariantMap getModelMetaData (QString modelID)
int deleteModel (QString id)
int setLinkedObjects (QString eleID, QString IDList)
int removeAllLinkedObjects (QString objID)
int removeLinkedObjects (QString objID, QString IDList)
int setPropertyValue (QString objID, QString propName, QString propDataType, QVariant value)
int deleteProperty (QString objID, QString propName, QString propDatatype)
int createPropertyType (QString propName, QString propDatatype, QString uomCode, bool isInh, int target, QString domainName="all")
int setPropertyTypeMetaData (QString pName, QString ptype, QVariantMap metadata)
int deletePropertyType (QString propName, QString propDatatype, QString domainName="all")
QList< QVariant > getAvailablePropertyValues (QString propName, QString propDatatype, int maxValues, QString domainName="geometry")
QList< QVariant > getPropertyValues (QString propName, QString propDatatype, int maxValues=0, QString domainName="all")
QList< QVariant > getPropertyValuesByObjectList (QString propName, QString propDatatype, bool checkInh, QString objIdList, int maxValues=0, QString domainName="all")
QString createMaterial (QString matXml, QString modelID=QString())
int deleteMaterial (QString matID)
QStringList getMaterialList ()
QString getMaterialAsXmlByID (QString matID)
QString getMaterialIDByName (QString matName)
void updateMaterial (QString matID, QString xmlMat)
int setMaterialToObjects (QString matID, QString objectIDList)
int setTransparency (QString objectIDList, float defaultTransparency=0.95)
void resetMaterials (bool emitSignal=true)
QString createColorSchema (QString setContainerID, QString name)
QString createColorSchemaFromCurrentMaterials (QString name, bool updateExisting, QVariantMap options=QVariantMap())
QStringList getColorSchemaList ()
QString getCurrentColorSchema ()
bool activateColorSchemaByName (QString name)
void reorderElements ()
void showWireModeSchema (QString name)
void clearWireMode ()
void setObjectsToWireMode (QString idList, bool wired)
QString createWireModeSchema (QString idList, QString wmName, bool overwrite=false)
QString getWired ()
int countWired ()
double getBBoxMinX ()
double getBBoxMaxX ()
double getBBoxMinY ()
double getBBoxMaxY ()
double getBBoxMinZ ()
double getBBoxMaxZ ()
void updateBoundingBox3DView ()
int calcOOBB (QString objIDList, double eps=0.01)
int updateOOBB (QString obIDList, double eps=0.01)
int calcOOBBxy (QString objIDList, double eps=0.01)
int updateOOBBxy (QString objIDList, double eps=0.01)
QVariantMap getBoundingBoxCommon (QString objIDList)
double checkOverlapOBB (QString id1, QString id2, double eps)
QString createObjectFromXml (QString parentID, QString objectXML)
int deleteObjects (QString IDList)
void setName (QString objIdList, QString name)
QString createObject (QString parentID, QString name)
QString createSelectionSets (QString propName, QString rootName, QVariantMap config=QVariantMap())
int createDirectory (QString path, QString dirName)
bool writeFile (QString filename, QString content, QString codec=QString())
bool appendToFile (QString filename, QString content, QString codec=QString())
bool removeFile (QString filename)
bool copyFile (QString fnFrom, QString fnTo)
bool moveFile (QString fnFrom, QString fnTo)
bool checkIfFileExists (QString filename)
bool openFile (QString filename, QString codec=QString())
bool writeToFile (QString content)
bool closeFile ()
QStringList readTextFile (QString filename, bool ignoreLineBreakesInDoubleQuotes=false, QString codec=QString())
QString readTextFileAsString (QString filename, QString codec=QString())
QVariantMap readCsvFile (QString filename, QString delimiter=";", QString quoteSign="\"")
QString readImageFile (QString filename, QString targetFormat="")
QVariantList getDirectoryEntryList (QString dirPath, bool filesOnly=false, QString orderBy="Name")
bool dbIsLocalCopy ()
void dbCheckIn ()
void dbCheckOut (QStringList propList)
bool dbQueryExec (QString sqlQuery)
bool dbQueryNext ()
QVariant dbQueryValue (int column)
int setPropertyValueDB (QString objIDList, QString propName, QString propDataType, QString propDomain, QVariant value, bool createType=true)
int writePropertyValueDB (QString objIDList, QString propName, QString propDataType, QString propDomain, QVariant value, bool createType=true)
bool startTransaction ()
bool endTransaction ()
bool dbGetImmediateUpdate ()
void dbSetImmediateUpdate (bool)
int dbClearCache (QString propName, QString propType)
void dbClearCacheAll ()
int dbDeleteProperty (QString objIDList, QString propName, QString propType)
int dbAssertTable (QString tableName, QStringList columnsList)
QStringList getListOfObjTooltips ()
void addObjectListToTooltip (QString idList, QString tooltipname)
void removeObjectListFromTooltip (QString idList, QString tooltipname)
void lockObjects (QString idList)
void unlockObjects (QString idList)
void unlockAllObjects ()
QString getLocked ()
int countLocked ()
void itClear ()
int itByFilter (QString propName, QString propDatatype, QString filterPattern, bool checkInh=true, QString domain="geometry")
int itFilterByStatus (QString status, bool enabled=true, QString domain="all")
int itByObjectList (QString idList)
QString itGetObjectList ()
bool itHasNext ()
QString itNext ()
int itCount ()
void itToFront ()
QList< QVariant > itGetAvailablePropertyValues (QString propName, QString propDatatype, int maxValues)
void itSetupDbCache (QString propName, QString propType)
void itSetMaterial (QString matID)
void itColorCode (QString propName, QString propDT)
void itColorCodeNumber (QString propName, QString propDT, double intervalSize)
void itCalcOOBB (double eps)
void itUpdateOOBB (double eps)
void itCalcOOBBxy (double eps)
void itUpdateOOBBxy (double eps)
- Public Slots inherited from domainBim::CoreAPI
QString addDays (QString dateStr, int nrDays)
QString timeStamp (QString format=QString())
int getCalendarWeek (QDateTime dt)
QString format (double v, int dec=2, QString frmt="%L1", int fieldWidth=10, QChar fillChar=QChar())
QString formatDateTime (QDateTime dt, QString formatstr="iso")
QString createID ()
QString compressToIfcGuid (QString id)
QString uncompressFromIfcGuid (QString ifcGuid)
bool checkRegExp (QString value, QString pattern)
double calcSlantedArea (QString objID, double angleMin=0.0, double angleMax=45.0)
QVariantMap calcGpsCoordsByStation (QString objID, double station)
QVariantMap calcGpsCoordsByModelCoords (double x, double y)
QVariantMap calcModelCoordsByGpsCoords (double lat, double lon)
QVariantMap calcGkCoordsByModelCoords (double x, double y, double z)
QVariantMap calcModelCoordsByGkCoords (double r, double h)
QVariantMap calcGkCoordsByGpsCoords (double lat, double lon)
QVariantMap calcGpsCoordsByGkCoords (double rw, double hw)
QString getAbsolutePath (QString fn)
QString getBaseName (QString fn)
QString getFileName (QString fn)
QString getApplicationDirectory ()
QString getApplicationFilename ()
QString getVersionAsString ()
int getVersionMAJOR ()
int getVersionMINOR ()
int getVersionBUILD ()
bool requireVersion (int MAJOR, int MINOR, int BUILD)
QString getUserName ()
QString getProjectID ()
int getProjectVariantNumber ()
QString getProjectNumber ()
QString getProjectName ()
QString getProjectShortDescription ()
QString getProjectLongDescription ()
QString getProjectDirectory ()
QString getLocation ()
QString getDomainByElement (QString objID)
QVariant getPropertyValue (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QVariant getPropertySource (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QString getPropertyUnit (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QVariant getPropertyValueByDate (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QDateTime getPropertyLastDate (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QDateTime getPropertyFirstDate (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh)
QVariantMap getPropertyDateListAsJSON (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QVariantMap getPropertyTypesByObject (QString objID, QString filterPattern="*")
QVariantMap getPropertyTypesByDomain (QString domainName, QString filterPattern="*")
QVariantMap getPropertyTypeMetaData (QString pName, QString ptype)
QList< QVariant > getPropertyTypeList (QString domain="all", QString filterPattern="*")
QList< QVariant > getPropertyTypeListByObject (QString objID, QString filterPattern="*")
bool isPropertyInherited (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType)
QString getPropertyValueRange (QString IDList, QString propName, QString propType, QString domainFilter="geometry")
QStringList getPropertyValueList (QString propName, QString propType, int maxValues)
QString getPropertyValueAsString (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)
QVariant evaluateFormula (QString code, QString id, QString id_otherdomain=QString())
QString prepareJsCode (QString code, QString id, int dec=-1, QString frmt="%L1", int fieldWidth=10, QChar fillChar=QChar())
QStringList getLinkedObjects (QString objectIDList, QString resultDomains="all", QString objectLookupDomains="all")
QStringList getTasksByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsByTaskList (QString IDList)
QStringList getDocumentsByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsByDocumentList (QString IDList)
QStringList getSectionsByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsBySectionList (QString IDList)
QStringList getTypesByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsByTypeList (QString IDList)
QStringList getResourcesByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsByResourcesList (QString IDList)
QStringList getBoQItemsByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsByBoQItemList (QString IDList)
QStringList getPcItemsByObjectList (QString IDList)
QStringList getObjectsByPcItemList (QString IDList)
QStringList getContainedElements (QString containerID, int maxDepth)
int countContainedElements (QString containerID, int maxDepth)
QString getParent (QString objID)
QStringList getOpenings (QString objID)
QStringList getParts (QString objID)
QString getModelAsJson (QString modelId)
bool isVisible (QString objID)
bool isSelected (QString objID)
bool isLocked (QString objID)
bool isWired (QString objID)
QVariantList getPointList (QString objID)
QVariantMap getPointOnAlignmentAtStation (QString objID, double d)
double getStationOfProjectedPoint (QString objID, double x, double y, double z=0.0)


void selectionChanged ()
void selectionChangedByDomain (QString domain)
void visibilityChanged ()
void visibilityChangedByDomain (QString domain)
void dataUpdated ()
void simulationDateChanged (QDateTime)
void simulationActivated (bool)

Public Member Functions

void forwardSimulationActivated (bool)
void forwardSimulationDateChanged (QDateTime)
 NavigatorProjectAPI (NavigatorProject *np, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~NavigatorProjectAPI ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from desiteCore::ProjectAPI
 ProjectAPI (NavigatorProject *np, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~ProjectAPI ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from domainBim::AutomationAPI
 AutomationAPI (BimProject *bimPrj, bool isAutomation, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~AutomationAPI ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from domainBim::CoreAPI
 CoreAPI::CoreAPI (BimProject *bimPrj, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~CoreAPI ()
BimProject * getBimProject ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from domainBim::CoreAPI
model::IContainerObject * getIContainerObject (const QString &id, model::eDomainType domainFilter=model::typeDomainAll)
model::IContainer * getIContainer (const QString &id, model::eDomainType domainFilter=model::typeDomainAll)
model::Element * getElement (const QString &id, model::eDomainType domainFilter=model::typeDomainAll)
model::IProperty * _getProperty (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh)
QVariant _getPropertyValue (const QString &objID, const QString &propName, const QString &propType, bool inh, bool evaluate, bool formatAsString)
void collectGeoObjects (const QString &IDList, QList< model::IObject * > &list)
QList< QDateTime > getPropertyDateList (QString objID, QString propName, QString propType, bool inh=true)

Detailed Description

API in WebForms
Objectname: desiteAPI

1.0.16, 05 apr 2012 by jh
NavigatorProjectAPI.h 13 2016-12-10 07:48:51Z stefan.losch

(c) ceapoint aec technologies GmbH

Member Function Documentation

QVariant desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI::callScriptByName ( QString  scriptName)

Run the script 'scriptName'.

1.3.7, 1 may 2014, jh
void desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI::dataUpdated ( )
1.0.18, 15 aug 2012, jh
void desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI::selectionChanged ( )

Selection of objects in domain 'geometry' changed.

void desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI::simulationActivated ( bool  )
1.5.0, 11 sep 2015
void desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI::visibilityChanged ( )

Visibility of objects in domain 'geometry' changed.


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